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Support Troop 1331

A significant amount of the funds for Troop 1331 activities come from donations as well as fundraising activities throughout the year. Find out how you can directly support our troop below.

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Donate Now

Donate Now

Choose an option below and support the troop today!


Write a tax-deductible check to Grace Fellowship Church and put “Troop 1331” in the memo line.

Note: Checks written to Troop 1331 are not tax deductible. This is because we are chartered as a ministry of the church.

Current Fundraisers

Current Fundraisers

These are the current fundraising initiatives that Troop 1331 is running.

More to come soon!


Your financial support helps with these important troop activities.

Summer Camp

Each year we have families who miss out on the troop’s summer camp due to cost. Fundraising reduces the cost for all participants.

  • Family Camping: $60 per family

  • Summer Camp: $250 per person


Backpacking and camping are fun, but supplies can be cost-prohibitive. Fundraising helps buy equipment for the troop.

  • Backpack: $100

  • Sleeping Bag: $100

  • Tent: $250

  • Patrol Box: $150

  • Canoe: $800

Troop Families

Sometimes families need a little help paying for troop expenses due to hardship. Fundraising helps offset these costs.

  • Youth Uniform: $50

  • Annual Troop Scholarship: $100

  • Handbook & Class B Shirt: $50

  • Adult Leader Uniform: $50

Epic Adventure

Every three years, high school students plan their own Epic Adventure. The troop would like to set aside:

  • $1,000 each year for boys

  • $1,000 each year for girls

Members are expected to raise additional fundraising for the rest.

Leader Training

We would love to be able to pay for our leaders, who invest so much in our youth, to attend annual training events held by Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls.

  • $150 per leader


Our focused retreats allow for intentional time for parents to impart spiritual truths to their sons or daughters in a fun, adventure-filled weekend.

  • Father-Son Retreat: $200

  • Mother-Daughter Retreat: $200

  • Troop Retreat: $3,000

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